Mr. Pfister

This painting was commissioned by a devoted dog-owner who wanted to immortalize her beloved companion. The owner of the dog told me that the animal has an extremely watchful nature and endless enthusiasm for ball-fetching and stick-chasing. Anything that you would throw he would run, retrieve it and just want as much as he could get of that kind of activity. I tried to capture the essence of the dog’s playful spirit and keen observational skills, expressed through a cheeky touch: the addition of stylish glasses.

The painting portrays the dog in his own backyard, a place where he finds utmost joy and fulfillment. The collar adorning his neck adds a touch of intrigue, hinting at the depth of his perceptive abilities and gentle demeanor. This painting celebrates the boundless energy and unwavering devotion that dogs bring into our lives. I’m a big dog-lover myself, so when I was working on this painting, I also intended to invite viewers to appreciate the beauty of canine companionship and the simple pleasures that fill their days.