Tiana and Sis with The Goblin King

This painting is a  journey into the realm of imagination and fantasy. The tale behind this canvas was spun by Tiana, a spirited young lady with a penchant for the peculiar and a love for the extraordinary.

It’s a large painting that sprawls across 36 by 24 inches, a fantastical tribute to Tiana and her sister's magical rendezvous with none other than the Goblin King himself. Now, what sparked this peculiar commission, you ask? A cinematic masterpiece and a legendary artist, none other than the iconic David Bowie in a role that etched its place in the annals of fantasy film history.

Tiana and her sister are depicted in enigmatic garb that seemed to dance on the edge of reality and dreams. Eager to bring their fantastical vision to life, they summoned me to Detroit, the city of innovation and creativity, to take photos of them and discuss what they want. As I arrived, I found myself swept into a world of enchantment, where orange hair cascaded like flames, and the air was alive with the magic of the unknown.

Now, about the attire these captivating sisters donned, I confess, it was a puzzle to me – a riddle wrapped in cinematic mystery. Something straight out of the fantastical universe they so admired. The strange costumes, I presumed, held the very essence of the movie that had bewitched them. An oddity, a delightful mystery waiting to unfold on the canvas.

The commission, you see, was not your run-of-the-mill portrait session; it was a plunge into the surreal, a dance with the eccentric, a journey into a realm where reality and fantasy twirled hand in hand. Tiana and her sister, with an unabashed love for the Goblin King, sought to immortalize their connection with the cinematic magic that had left an indelible mark on their hearts. The Goblin King, with all the allure of David Bowie, emerged as the charismatic centerpiece, surrounded by the ethereal charm of the sisters who had dared to dream beyond the ordinary.