He Sleeps with the Fish

This is my self-portrait, where I have daringly taken a unique approach by presenting myself in an unexpected and intriguing manner: upside down. The audacious perspective itself challenges conventions, drawing the viewer into a world of curiosity and contemplation.

Using the soft, delicate strokes of pastels, I have brought to life a serene scene of myself submerged in the shallows. The tranquil waters surrounding me mirror the peace and introspection I find in this contemplative moment. As I rest, a starfish gracefully adorns the space near my head, symbolizing the natural beauty and harmony of the underwater realm.

Humorously titled "He Sleeps with the Fish," the painting playfully alludes to the iconic phrase often used by the mafia in old movies. However, beneath the lighthearted jest lies a deeper meaning. The title cleverly reflects the calm and dreamlike state I have chosen to portray, where I appear to be in a slumber-like state amidst the soothing waters. The juxtaposition of this serene ambiance with the dark connotations of the phrase adds an intriguing layer of complexity to the artwork.

This painting invites viewers to ponder the intricate relationship between tranquility and the unknown, evoking emotions of wonder, contemplation, and perhaps even a touch of mystery. As the observer delves into the artistry of this self-portrait, they are invited to explore the depths of self-discovery and the boundless beauty found in the unconventional.