Vandalia Belle

This painting was done for a guy who worked in a company called Vandalia Rental. He wanted me to do a painting of his mother. This painting depicts his mother during the times of World War II. He gave me a very old black and white photo, I remember it was a very bad photo to work from, but I did my best to infuse vibrancy and color into the portrait. 

The portrait epitomizes the era's classic aesthetic. With a hairstyle emblematic of the period, the woman exudes an air of elegance that captures the spirit of her generation. Her gaze reveals a sense of strength and resilience — a testament to the indomitable spirit that defined an era fraught with challenges.

Entitled "Vandalia Belle," this painting serves as a homage not only to the subject's timeless allure but also to the tenacity and courage that marked an epoch. It stands as a bridge between past and present, a portrait that encapsulates history's vivid hues and preserves a legacy that endures through the ages.