Troy Hawkins Royal Court Jesters

This caricature was crafted for the new director of the Royal Court Jesters, a delightful sect within the Shriner society known for their joyful antics and philanthropic endeavors. My intent was to capture the spirit of fun and camaraderie that permeates this jovial group.

The artwork shows the new director together with the mischievous and beloved character known as the Billiken. This whimsical figure, adorned with the Jesters headgear, radiates a sense of playful energy. Traditionally depicted in a state of undress, the Billiken symbolizes carefree enjoyment, evoking the essence of revelry and amusement.

The Royal Court Jesters comprises around 40 members, and in this caricature, the focal point is the director of the organization. As a nod to his personal interests, I depict him engaging in his passion for racing small vehicles, showcasing his enthusiasm for the sport. The director and the Billiken raise their glasses in a toast, celebrating the joyous spirit that defines their group.

A delightful detail in the caricature is the inclusion of the words "Mirth is King" on the director's kingly crown. This phrase encapsulates the essence of the Royal Court Jesters, emphasizing the importance of laughter, happiness, and lightheartedness in their activities. It serves as a reminder that the pursuit of merriment can bring people together and create a positive impact on society.

This lively and personalized caricature is a tribute to the new director of the Royal Court Jesters and their commitment to spreading joy and doing good works. The artwork showcases the fusion of fun, camaraderie, and philanthropy that makes the Shriner society and its various branches so remarkable.