Anna Bremer

This delightful caricature portrays Anna Bremer, a local massage therapist, who expressed an interest in having a personalized caricature. Anna is playfully portrayed as a "PhD of Feel-ology," humorously emphasizing her expertise in the realm of providing comfort and well-being. In the caricature, she is depicted attending to a patient on a couch. However, in a comical twist, she appears to have inadvertently hit a sensitive spot on the patient's body, causing him to react dramatically and go through the roof. With a mischievous smile, Anna playfully asks if that was the sensitive spot the patient had mentioned earlier, adding an element of humor to the scene.

To reflect Anna's unique character, I portrayed her in a funky and informal manner. She often wore a knit cap, which I incorporated into her caricature, capturing her distinctive style. The informality of her attire further adds to the laid-back and approachable nature that Anna exudes in her personal and professional life.

Injecting humor into caricatures is a hallmark of my artistic approach, and this piece is no exception. By combining Anna's profession, her lively personality, and a humorous situation, the artwork seeks to bring a smile to viewers' faces and showcase her vibrant spirit.

Ultimately, this caricature serves as a lighthearted tribute to Anna Bremer, capturing her warmth, expertise, and playful nature. It encapsulates her role as a massage therapist while also celebrating the unique qualities that make her who she is.