Corey Spieweick Royal Court Director

This caricature celebrates Corey Spieweick, the esteemed director of the Royal Court in Toledo for the year 2021. As part of a series of caricatures devoted to the Royal Court directors, this artwork pays homage to Corey's directorship while incorporating personal elements that reflect his unique interests and background.

One notable aspect of Corey's life is his collection of Minneapolis Moline toy vehicles. To showcase this passion, I depicted him riding a bronco horse made to resemble one of these cherished toys. With a lasso in hand, Corey exudes a sense of adventure and enthusiasm, symbolizing his leadership and dedication as the director of the Royal Court.

Consistent with the stylistic choices seen in the series, the Billiken, is playfully portrayed within a martini glass, adding a touch of whimsy and tradition. This iconic depiction pays homage to the jovial spirit of the Royal Court while showcasing Corey's role as its director.

In the background, I incorporated details of Corey's farm, recognizing his identity as a farmer. This inclusion adds depth to the artwork, reflecting his connection to the land and his commitment to agriculture.

In this artwork I tried to capture the essence of Corey Spieweick's directorship in a vibrant and personalized manner, celebrating his unique interests, leadership, and agricultural roots. It stands as a tribute to his impactful role within the Royal Court and serves as a memorable keepsake for his time as director.