Jill Allemang

This is a woman that worked with me at Root Learning and we became very friendly. Her name is Jill, and she was our second European Director so I would fly over to our office in London, England and we would do work there. Eventually she wanted to live in Switzerland where her roots and heritage was. So she moved to Zurich, a very expensive part of Europe and worked with us for about half a year, but then the company decided it wasn’t good for us to keep this expensive european office in Zurich Switzerland, and Jill moved on to a different job. It’s when she left that I did this caricature of her, because it was kind of a tradition in our company. We had a caricature wall that I had started where we would hang caricatures of the people working in our company. Usually on the first anniversary of somebody's employment at the company or when they left us I would draw a caricature of that person as a tribute to the time we worked together, and we would hang it on our caricature wall. That was eventually picked up by the national Media as a unique thing that our company did. So out company had been named “the best small company in America” three times, and this tradition definitely played a role in this. It was a natural practice that I carried forward from the times when I was in newspapers because it was kind of a tradition for newspaper artists to do caricatures of their other artists friends and other people in the newspapers, especially when they would leave. I liked this tradition and brought it to Root Learning being one of the founders of the company.