I created this portrait for a remarkable individual who aspired to become a voiceover artist. Despite being almost 60 years old and having faced some challenging career moments, he decided to take matters into his own hands and ventured into the world of voiceovers by starting his own business. He envisioned having a distinctive personal touch, so we crafted a caricature of himself that became his unique calling card, adorning his business cards, letterhead, and website.

Upon completion of the first painting, he felt the depiction was a bit too intense, while my intention was to infuse a sense of humor, capturing the essence of his charismatic radio personality. To ensure his complete satisfaction, I offered a complementary piece where he was portrayed in the same style, this time sporting a warm and inviting smile. This alternative painting resonated with him more, and he embraced it wholeheartedly as the face of his business.

In the end, this portrait not only captured the spirit of his aspirations and determination but also showcased the vibrant personality that shines through his voiceovers. It was a pleasure to bring his vision to life and contribute to his successful venture in the world of voiceover artistry.