This is a heartwarming and nostalgic painting capturing the essence of carefree childhood camaraderie. The canvas comes alive with a vibrant group of playful kids, and among them, my son, Nick.

In this timeless scene, Nick is portrayed wearing his favorite white t-shirt and boasting a charming bowl-cut, perfectly reflecting the innocence and joy of that moment in time. It's a tender glimpse into the past, for now, Nick has blossomed into a responsible young man with a family and a son of his own.

I’ve attempted to capture the mischief and exuberance of these youngsters. You can almost hear their laughter and the sounds of them running, jumping, and making playful noise. Each child is depicted in a whimsical and cheeky manner, evoking smiles and fond memories.

As a parent, I cherish this artistic creation, as it serves as a delightful reminder of those cherished days when my kids were just kids – unburdened by the cares of the world, and fully immersed in the joy of play. The title "Goofin’" reflects the spirit of the painting, as these kids embody the essence of goofing around in their innocent and mischievous ways.

As I look upon this painting, I can't help but be transported back in time to the carefree days of youth, where friendships were forged through laughter and play. "Goofin'" immortalizes those precious memories and serves as a timeless tribute to the beauty of childhood and the enduring bond between friends.