Teen Angst

This painting captures a pivotal moment in the life of my daughter, Emily, during her 17th year. I titled it "Teen Angst," symbolizing Emily's journey towards self-discovery and independence. She was always kind of a shy, quiet kid, but like a lot of teenagers, she started becoming trouble. So one day I caught her with the light coming in from the patio door. When I opened the door she looked up at me and her eyes were asking: “What are you doing, Dad?” I noticed that she was drawing something there, with her hand up on her chin. Emily was very artistic, I remember her hand covered something on the paper but I didn’t include that detail, as I focused on her as the central figure. The entire scene is set at an angle, adding tension and reflecting the turmoil that often accompanies the transition into adolescence. This technique hints at the concealed emotions and inner thoughts that shaped my daughter’s evolving personality at that time. So this painting is not just a depiction of Emily's outward appearance but a poignant portrayal of the emotional landscape that lies beneath.