Disaster Kids

This is a painting that I humorously call “Disaster Kids”. I have done hundreds of paintings portraying people who are happy, smiling, or at least calm and thoughtful. But his time was completely different.

Corey Walseley commissioned this painting, providing me with a collection of photographs featuring his children. To my surprise, every image captured the youngsters in various states of distress. Puzzled by this recurring theme, I sought an explanation from Corey, who candidly shared his parental challenge. It turned out that his children were prone to messiness and noise, consistently neglecting their room's tidiness despite his efforts to instill order.

In response to Corey's unique request, I crafted a poignant portrayal of him as a stern father, seemingly admonishing his children. The youngsters, depicted in the midst of tears, symbolize the consequences of their father's insistence on maintaining a tidy living space. The irony of this project lies in its unexpected nature—it was, in fact, a Christmas present for Corey's wife. The painting serves as a quirky reminder of the household's need for order, adding an amusing twist to an otherwise unusual commission.