Garrett and the Gang

This painting was commissioned by a couple deeply loving their horse.They sent me their photos, explained what they want and paid me for work. However, an unforeseen turn of events left the artwork orphaned, as all my attempts to contact them were left without answer.

The painting depicts the couple and their beloved horse. Inspired by the gentleman's iconic John Lennon-style glasses in his reference photo, I decided to create a purple motif with the cosmos behind them., signifying creativity, imagination, and spiritual depth. In an effort to weave a unifying thread throughout the artwork, I adorned each character with the same distinctive glasses, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to the overall composition. This twist brings a sense of interconnectedness, symbolizing the profound bond shared between the couple and their horse.

Although fate intervened and the painting never found its way into the hands of its intended owners, I still keep it in my closet. Maybe one day they will contact me and take it home to grace their walls and fulfill its intended destiny.