Colorado High

Steeped in the radiant hues of the soft glow of sunset, this painting encapsulates a heartwarming tale of love and unity. It was done for a couple who retired from the military service and bought their dream home in Colorado. In this beautiful location, they embraced a new chapter of their life in a nice house nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes.

Seated gracefully in their inviting rocking chairs on the porch, the couple is the centerpiece of this painting. A unique and thought-provoking detail lies in the symbols adorning the backs of their respective chairs, subtly revealing their pasts. The Marine Corps emblem graces the back of his chair, signifying his noble service in the Marines, while the Air Force symbol adorns hers, symbolizing her dedication to the Air Force. These two symbols, often regarded as emblematic rivals, instead symbolize a heartwarming union, demonstrating that love knows no boundaries and can bridge even the deepest of divides.

The couple's love story defies convention and stereotypes, portraying a beautiful narrative of how love transcends differences. Hailing from distinct branches of the military, they found harmony and affection in one another's embrace, forging a lifelong bond as husband and wife. The juxtaposition of these symbols against the serene Colorado landscape further underscores the power of love in bringing together two souls from contrasting backgrounds.

The painting captures the intimate connection between the couple as they cherish each passing moment together. The interplay of light and shadow adds depth to the scene, enveloping the painting in an ethereal aura that radiates serenity and love.

It also serves as a reminder that true love knows no boundaries, defies expectations, and unites souls in a harmonious symphony.