Kim Coughlin in Equine Heaven

This is a portrait of Kim Coughlin. She died at the age of 39 and her husband wanted to have a tribute picture to her. She was a horse woman, so he wanted her to be seen in heaven with a horse. He also wanted her to look as an angel-like figure, so I've got bright sunlight around her and placed her on her favorite horse. As a result, Kim is depicted as a radiant and angelic figure, emanating a sense of serenity and eternal beauty. Bathed in the warm embrace of heavenly sunlight, she looks regal atop her favorite horse, embodying the epitome of her passion as a devoted horsewoman. The gentle interplay of light and shadow brings a celestial aura to the composition.

The painting captures Kim's essence, bringing forth her inner strength, grace, and love for her horse. It has become a cherished focal point in his home hanging over the fireplace – a powerful symbol of her enduring presence in his life. The painting serves not only as a beautiful representation of his beloved wife but also as a source of comfort, reminding him of their treasured memories together and the eternal love they shared.