Lenny Newis Marine

This is my father-in-law and my wife's father Lenny Newis. He was a marine in both World War II and Korean War, so he fought in two wars during his lifetime. Lenny was a Marine Corps veteran and that was always a big feature of his life. He was a very disciplined man, and a very nice man. I depicted him the way most people remembered him - waving 'Hello" to everyone he met on the streets. Lenny would often walk through the neighborhood waving at people, saying hello, walking up on their porches, talking with them a little. Lenny was a very friendly and good man. He never drank in his life nor smoked, he was kind of a spartan type of guy.

At the background you see his home where my wife and her six siblings grew. It’s on Kelsey Avenue in Toledo. Lenny walked to work every morning. He worked for the Toledo Edison company which is the electric company. He was really well-thought of and everyone respected him. About 400 people came to his funeral, so he touched a lot of lives in his days. He's been gone about seven years now but the family still thinks about him daily.