Old Crow

This is a reproduction of my famous painting that takes you through the corridors of history and heroism, a canvas that echoes with the valor and camaraderie of World War II aviators. Nestled within the esteemed halls of the Pentagon, the original painting pays homage to a true legend of the skies—Bud Anderson, a living testament to courage and friendship.

In the heart of this canvas, you see young Bud Anderson. His vibrant youth, a reflection of a bygone era when he soared through the skies as a triple ace, piloting the iconic P-51 Mustang named Old Crow. A symbol of aerial prowess and unwavering determination during the tumult of World War II. Bud Anderson was the best friend and comrade of the legendary test pilot Chuck Yeager, a bond that endured until Yeager's departure from this world about a decade ago. Bud Anderson became the focal point of my tribute to the aviators who etched their names into the annals of history.

Upon Bud's request, I painted him as a young warrior, a representation of the prime of his life when the skies beckoned with both challenge and camaraderie. Reference materials flowed from Anderson, offering glimpses into his wartime exploits and the very essence of Old Crow's majestic flight.

The culmination of this endeavor unfolded in a momentous black-tie event, where the painting found its way into the hands of the United States Air Force. It was here that I had the honor of meeting Bud Anderson in person, a living legend who had graced the canvas with his indomitable spirit. The exchange was more than an artistic presentation; it was a meeting of souls connected by a shared love for aviation and a deep respect for the sacrifices made in the name of freedom.

Some time later, I received a call from none other than aviation artist Harley Copic. "Hey Bill," he exclaimed, "I was out visiting Bud Anderson, and your painting has a place of honor on his desk!" The realization that a reproduction of my work adorned Anderson's personal space was a profound affirmation that the essence of his youth, his triumphs in the skies, resonated with him.

This reproduction stands as a conduit through which the valor, camaraderie, and legacy of Bud Anderson persist. A tribute to an era when heroes took flight, and the skies bore witness to the indomitable spirit of those who soared with Old Crow into the pages of history.