Merrill A. McPeak, Chief of Staff, USAF, (ret.)

This is a portrait of  Merril A. McPeak, the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force. Adorned in his military uniform, this iconic artwork graces the distinguished Hall of Heroes within the revered walls of the Pentagon.

An aura of valor and courage emanates from the canvas, a tribute to McPeak's extraordinary life as an F-15 pilot and an epitome of bravery. Within the artwork, one witnesses the essence of his character, a fearless aviator with a spirit that soared to greater heights than the skies he once conquered.

The painting offers a glimpse into the core of McPeak's identity. Unlike formal executive portrayals, the artist chose to immortalize him as the fearless pilot he was, the epitome of his passion and love for the skies. This courageous choice embraces the essence of his life's journey, showcasing the very aspect that ignited his soul—the unmatched thrill of being a fighter pilot. Like many daring fighter pilots, McPeak had his "hero wall"—a window into his captivating life, adorned with depictions of his adventures, acquaintances, missions, and destinations. 

This painting transcends a mere portrait; it embodies the soul of a brave and remarkable man. It immortalizes not just the Chief of Staff but also the spirit of all daring aviators, reminding us of the indomitable courage that resides within those who embrace the skies with an unyielding passion.