The Kiss

I was commissioned by Michael Mumbar to create a series of six distinct paintings, each capturing poignant moments in his life. This is one of them. The artwork stands as an artistic embodiment of the very first kiss shared in his profound romance. Transporting us to a serene evening in Santa Monica, California, the painting immortalizes the instant their lips met on the balcony of a waterfront restaurant. Against the backdrop of the sun's golden descent, this momentous occasion marked the inception of their love story.

The embrace of cultures was mirrored in their relationship, as Michael's partner hailed from Vietnam. Their shared journey commenced at the abovementioned restaurant, where their connection deepened amidst the coastal breeze and the soft lull of the waves. Evident in the brushstrokes and vibrant hues of the painting, their love's beginning is encapsulated in a visual tribute.

Fast forward two years, and the love that had bloomed on that very balcony had matured into a beautiful partnership. Entrusted once again with the task of encapsulating a cherished memory, I was summoned by Michael's wife to craft a gift for her beloved husband. The second painting envisioned a place of profound significance—the site of their engagement, commemorating the locale where their paths converged to unite their lives forever.