Daniel and Breelynn First Dance

This painting was done for a bride and groom's special day. It was brought to life on the spot during their reception at the illustrious Toledo Country Club—a venue renowned for its prestige and elegance, making it the perfect backdrop for such a momentous occasion.

Here I portray the couple's enchanting first dance, a cherished tradition symbolizing their love and commitment. The dance floor, nestled outdoors and enclosed by graceful walls, sets the stage for an intimate and romantic atmosphere. By slightly offsetting the couple, the painting achieves a captivating balance that seamlessly blends their dance with the splendor of the venue, allowing both elements to shine.

The groom was a football coach of Saint Francis High School in Toledo and the bride was an executive at Owens Corning, a prominent Fortune 500 company. They met each other and fell deeply in love. So they wanted to immortalize their wedding day in this painting. Now it hangs in their home, serving as a constant reminder of their love, union, and the joyous celebration shared with family and friends. This painting is one of their most cherished possessions, a timeless reflection of a love that knows no bounds.