Waiting Patiently

This particular painting, commissioned by my neighbor at my office in downtown Toledo Linda Haymans, captures a moment of profound significance in the life of her son's faithful dog.

Linda entrusted me with the task of immortalizing a furry family member who had weathered a tumultuous period. The idea to paint the dog appeared when Linda and her son faced the harrowing possibility of losing this four-legged friend. Faced with the uncertainties of life, they believed the dog's time might be drawing near, prompting Linda to take on the role of caretaker during her son's six-month job assignment when he couldn’t be home with his dog.

As fate would have it, the dog defied expectations, exhibiting a tenacity for life that left both Linda and her son pleasantly surprised. The expected farewell turned into an unexpected reunion, with the canine companion proving that sometimes, against all odds, life triumphs over adversity. This turn of events spurred Linda to seek a timeless tribute, a commemorative picture that would encapsulate the spirit of this resilient furry friend.

The portrait serves as a visual memoir for Linda's son—a reminder of the special bond they share with their beloved canine companion. The painting narrates not just the tale of a dog's survival but the enduring connection between family members and the furry friends who become an integral part of their lives.