Irish Rites

This painting transports us to the charming city of Galway, Ireland, capturing a significant moment in the lives of an American couple with Irish roots. The canvas, modest in size at 11 x 14, presents a portrayal of a magnificent cathedral where this couple chose to exchange their vows. The beauty of the cathedral shines through brights colors and brushstrokes, compensating for the limited canvas size. While unable to capture every minute detail, the painting instead conveys the essence and grandeur of the cathedral, allowing the viewer's imagination to fill in the intricacies. 

The composition of the artwork tells the story of the couple's wedding day. The bride's family, friends, and associates are seen on the left side of the church, while the groom's loved ones occupy the right side. A priest stands in conversation with the congregation, symbolizing the sacred union taking place. The couple is seen on the threshold of the red carpet that gracefully ascends the stairs leading to the altar. In the backdrop, the altar crucifix, or altar cross, serves as a poignant symbol of faith and unity.

Working on this painting I tried to render the significance of the couple's chosen location and the emotional resonance of their wedding day. This artwork captures not only the beauty of the cathedral but also the profound meaning it holds for this particular couple, marking the beginning of their journey together.