Toledo on the Maumee

"Toledo on the Maumee" captures the essence of Toledo's urban landscape with a small touch of personalization. I like the lack of detail in it. This piece was specifically crafted for a remarkable woman who had carved out a distinctive personal brand, symbolized by a charming Volkswagen Beetle adorned with a surfboard atop—a trademark that became synonymous with her presence in town. I integrated this iconic car into the cityscape of Toledo, adding a delightful and unexpected element to the composition. The Volkswagen Beetle, a symbol of freedom, individuality, and adventure, becomes here an inseparable part of the urban tapestry. Its inclusion pays homage to the woman's vibrant spirit and her impact on the city’s life. The painting was meant to be hung in her office.

This painting blends the familiar silhouettes of Toledo's architectural landmarks with the whimsical presence of the locally-recognized Volkswagen Beetle. It serves as a visual tribute, not only to the city's unique skyline but also to the extraordinary individuality and character of the woman whose personal brand left an indelible mark on Toledo's tapestry.