This painting depicts the Maumee river not far from where I live. The canvas captures a frozen tableau, where the river's icy surface becomes a canvas of its own, adorned with a meticulous depiction of a mush. Within this icy expanse, figures of men and their sleds emerge, guided by the steadfast pull of their trusty canine companions. 

The winter's grip extends beyond the river's edge, enveloping the landscape in an ethereal frost. The trees stand frozen in time, their branches adorned with delicate crystals, mirroring the frosty embrace of the river's surface. As dusk descends, the sun embarks on its slow descent, casting a warm and gentle glow across the landscape. The sky becomes a canvas awash with hues of gold, pink, and lavender, a breathtaking testament to the beauty of winter sunsets.

Intricately woven into this frozen tableau, two deer stand as silent observers, lending a touch of mystique to the composition. These elegant creatures, though a subtle addition, infuse the scene with a sense of life and curiosity.

My inspiration lies rooted in the juxtaposition of cold and warmth, of stillness and motion. This tableau captures the essence of winter's chill and the comforting embrace of a setting sun, forming a vivid testament to both nature's grandeur and its intricate details.