Leguria Harbor

This is a painting of Leguria Harbor. I made a pencil drawing of this place first, but then I simplified the sketch by taking out the ferry and numerous people on the beach, removing some of the other boats and other unnecessary details. I wanted to reduce the content of the painting exclusively to the nature, leaving just a few kayaks reminding us that this place attracts people.

The shift from the intricate drawing to the simplified painting was a deliberate choice—an artistic decision to hone in on the raw beauty that Leguria Harbor possessed. By shedding some of the detailed elements, the final version emerged as a celebration of the harbor's innate charm, a symphony of colors and forms that embraced the simplicity of its coastal allure.

In the evolution from drawing to painting, the essence of Leguria Harbor was distilled to its purest form—a visual ode that invites viewers to appreciate the unadorned beauty of nature. The harbor, now unburdened by extraneous details, stands as a testament to the artistry of restraint, where each stroke captures the spirit of this coastal haven with an eloquence that transcends the need for embellishment.

As viewers gaze upon the final rendition, they witness not just Leguria Harbor but a curated revelation—a harmonious blend of nature and artistry that pays homage to the beauty found in simplicity. The pencil drawing, with its intricate details, serves as a captivating prologue to the serene masterpiece that emerged on the canvas.

The photo of this painting went dark for some reason. The original painting looks brighter and more beautiful.