Husky Stadium

This painting was crafted with an intention to capture the essence of a cherished memory. Commissioned by a loving wife for her devoted husband, a fervent admirer of the Washington Huskies, the artwork breathes life into his passion.

As twilight blankets the scene, the stadium comes alive with a symphony of vibrant lights, casting an enchanting glow that beckons. The football team, frozen in action, graces the field with unwavering determination, their energy palpable even in stillness.

The cityscape unfurls in the distance, the harbor adorned with gently swaying boats that reflect the serenity of the evening. In the midst of it all, a diminutive ferry boat glides gracefully across the Puget Sound, a testament to the timeless charm of the region.

The magnificent Mount Rainier commands attention, its majestic form a study in contrast against the canvas. Nestled beneath a sky suffused with warm hues, the mountain stands as a silent guardian, a stoic backdrop to the fervor of the stadium. The juxtaposition of the warm, vivid sky against the cool, electric energy of the stadium lends the painting a captivating dynamism that ignites the senses.