Angela Smiley Carpenter

This is a portrait of a famous gospel artist and singer Angela Smiley-Carpenter. She lives in Cleveland, Ohio and she wanted this picture painted of her. I decided to depict her on stage in a performance. The painting reveals Angela's essence as a performer, center stage, and bathed in the effervescent glow of the spotlight. With every brushstroke, I sought to encapsulate the energy and passion she exudes during her captivating live performances, channeling her deep connection with gospel music and her audience.

As I presented the completed piece to Angela, she paused for a moment before sharing a playful insight. "You know," she remarked with a twinkle in her eye, "you forgot to place the ring on my finger." A minor oversight, perhaps, but one that spoke volumes about Angela's attention to detail and her connection to the very image that represented her.

Promising to perfect this visual symphony, I assured her that my next visit to Cleveland would include my trusty paints, ensuring that the absent ring would find its rightful place on her finger. Yet, as time whisked by, the canvas of life remained busy, and my intention remained unfulfilled. I muse now, with a touch of wistfulness, that I hope Angela didn't wait in anticipation for my return, for the passage of five years has transformed the present into a sepia-tinged memory.

In this portrait, Angela's spirit and melody are forever intertwined, and while a tangible ring may not grace her finger within the frame, the intangible ring of her captivating presence encircles the very essence of the painting.