Gramps n Gran in the Vineyard

This painting was done for a young man who had a special relationship with his grandparents and wanted a painting of them at their own vineyard. The grandparents lived in Italy, at least I know that the photos were made in their vineyard in Italy. The guy wanted me to paint the vineyard, the traditional family home and he also wanted his dog to be added somewhere in the picture. I put the dog there with sunglasses on, not sure why I did that.

The central focus of the portrait rests on the figures of the grandmother and grandfather, united in their enduring bond and shared history. The grandmother holds a cluster of plump grapes, a symbol of the bountiful harvest that life has offered. Beside her, the grandfather clutches a wine bottle, embodying the culmination of their labor, passion, and the legacy they've cultivated as proprietors of a distinguished winery.

After the painting was ready, the guy looked at it and said that he wanted a river put in there, so in my final version I actually added a river, but I didn't photograph that version for some reason.