Elisabeth Walton Family

One day I was asked to paint a family portrait a young couple with their baby. That's nothing unusual for me so I started working. But a few days later the couple called me and told me they would like to add their parents to the family portrait. So now I had to rethink my painting to make it fit in 7 people. Well, not a big deal as well. However, as I started to show the sketches to my clients, other members of the family got excited and wanted to be added to that family portrait as well. At some point we agreed to have 16 people there and I had to restart the painting a couple times.

The person that hired me is this red-haired young girl wearing glasses on the left side, and the young man beside her was her boyfriend and they had a child together and wanted this family portrait when they got the baby. However, when other people learned about their desire, it seemed like every relative wanted to get in the picture, and they also wanted to add their children, so in fact I ended up with 19 people in the final version. That's quite a challenge to get that many people in a painting but I really like how it turned out. Inspired by this artwork, some of these people asked me to do other paintings for them afterwards.