The Cohens

This painting was done for Mark Cohen who wanted a painting with his mother and brother. I think the mother had died. I got photos of his mom, his brother and Mark himself and my task was to put them all together.

Elegantly dressed in a resplendent ensemble, the mother exudes an aura of timeless grace and sophistication, seated upon a regal chair that amplifies her radiant beauty. The intricate details of her attire reflect the profound care and reverence imbued in every brushstroke.

The opulent backdrop envelops the trio, resonating with opulence and affluence that mirrors the family's stature. Layers of depth and texture create a sense of luxurious ambiance, resonating with their affluent heritage. This environment not only frames their portraits but also symbolizes the rich tapestry of memories they shared.

A heartwarming touch emerges in the form of a canine companion, their mother’s favourite dog, thoughtfully included at the family's request. This dog stands as a steadfast guardian of cherished memories, a loyal presence that reinforces the profound bonds within the family.