Fishermen All

This painting was created for Roy Masters. He and his daughter really liked fishing together, so he asked me to make a painting that immortalized one of those great moments they spent together doing what they love.

The canvas unveils a serene scene where the kindred spirits indulge in their shared passion for fishing, a pastime that has woven them together in moments of tranquil camaraderie. Their expressions exude a genuine sense of delight, mirroring the thrill of a triumphant catch. Their prize fish becomes a symbol not only of their angling prowess but also of the cherished memories they've woven together amidst nature's beauty.

My own recollections of fishing escapades with my father lend a personal touch to the work, infusing it with an empathetic understanding of the profound significance that such shared experiences hold.

In essence, this painting serves as a visual testament to the enduring power of familial bonds and the sanctity of moments spent in each other's company. It encapsulates the intangible threads that tie us to our loved ones, and reminds us that amidst the hustle of life, it's these simple yet profound instances that truly define our humanity.