With Apologies to Al Hirschfeld

This pencil drawing pays homage to the renowned caricaturist Al Hirschfeld, capturing the essence of his distinctive style. The woman who commissioned this artwork wanted a special present for her friend depicted here, an avid collector of Al Hirschfeld's caricatures.

In the spirit of Hirschfeld's iconic technique, I carefully emulated his signature style, characterized by elongated lines and exaggerated features. To honor his legacy, I positioned my own name in the same style Al did, echoing Hirschfeld's signature placement and added a number near my name, just like he did. And here is why. An intriguing aspect of Hirschfeld's artwork was his subtle inclusion of his daughter's name, Nina, throughout his drawings, so the number near the signature indicates the number of times the name appears in the drawing. In a playful homage to this beloved tradition, I incorporated my daughter's name, Emily, 3 times within the artwork. You'll find 'Emily' discreetly woven into the jacket, beard, and hair of the man, providing a whimsical element to discover upon closer examination.

This tribute drawing serves as a testament to the enduring influence of Al Hirschfeld's artistry and the joy it brought to collectors and enthusiasts alike. By faithfully capturing his signature style and incorporating the playful inclusion of my daughter's name, this artwork celebrates Hirschfeld's legacy while adding a personal touch that reflects the cherished connection between the woman's friend and the world of caricature.