Heather the Horse Whisperer

This is a drawing of my daughter’s best friend Heather who loves horses from a very early age. Her family had horses in a stable over here in Perrysburg and now Heather is grown up, she has graduated from college, got married and she hasn't forgotten the love for horses. Heather has a horse farm of her own. She's got a number of horses down in Bryan, Ohio where I lived when I first left my hometown Hicksville. So Bryan, Ohio was the first place that I lived in outside of my home, and it has profound significance to me. Heather has got four or five horses, so they bought a big property and she continues to enjoy being associated with the animals she loves.

The interesting thing here is that this picture was taken of Heather separately, without the horse. I took separate pictures of the horse, and put the girl and the horse together. Heather was maybe 17 at the time the picture was taken. She’s a real nice girl, still the best friend of my daughter Emily, so it was my pleasure to create a drawing that immortalizes her life passion for the horses.