This pencil drawing is a precursor to the subsequent painting of this coastal haven. This detailed rendering, crafted with precision and artistic finesse, served as a stepping stone in the evolution of capturing the essence of Leguria Harbor.

Before the strokes of color graced the canvas, I meticulously sketched the harbor's intricate details, breathing life into each element with the subtlety and nuance that only pencil could convey. This drawing, a testament to the meticulous exploration of the scene, held a wealth of detail that would later undergo a fascinating metamorphosis.

As the harbor found its way onto the canvas in the final painted version, certain aspects underwent a deliberate evolution. The boat, once anchored in the harbor's embrace, the animated figures dotting the beach, and the charming pontoon boat—all gracefully bowed out, making way for a refined focus on the natural elements. In the final composition, I opted to distill the essence to the pristine beauty of nature, allowing it to take center stage in a pared-down yet resonant portrayal.