Carmen Coppola

The story of this painting begins with a request from a woman who wanted to immortalize her father's legacy. Her father was a professor at Mount Assisi college in the city of Bhagalpur, India. This place had a rich history—the very walls of the institution whisper stories of its transformation from a serene convent for nuns to a bustling college, a tale of evolution and growth. The father is portrayed in the gymnasium of the college, a place where young minds are nurtured and dreams are forged. This context honors an individual who excelled both in the academic realm and in his personification of a role model to countless students.

The professor is depicted with a colorful tie, a distinct trademark that reflects his unique style and flair. His daughter emphasized the importance of including this detail into the painting. Probably the tie serves a powerful symbol, representing not only his sartorial individuality but also the threads of knowledge and inspiration he wove into the lives of those around him. This artwork honors a man of wisdom, dedication, and joy. It also stands as a tribute to the enduring impact of educators and the transformative power of knowledge.