Pete Gorman Family

This painting was done for Pete Gorman and his family. This was one of the most memorable vacation times of the family before his kids all went to college and started their own life. Maybe this was the last summer vacation the whole family spent together at their favorite location by Lake Michigan. So the painting harks back to a time of profound significance, a poignant chapter when the Gorman children stood at the threshold of their college years, ready to embark on their individual journeys. 

Within the strokes and hues of this canvas, the sentiment of unity and joy resonates. It stands as a visual testimony to the ephemeral yet indelible beauty of familial togetherness. The canvas encapsulates an epoch brimming with shared laughter, carefree adventures, and the sweet melancholy that accompanies parting ways for new horizons. For Pete Gorman, this painting is a precious vessel of memories, a timeless vessel that encapsulates the warmth of those irreplaceable moments etched into the fabric of his heart.