Axel in Dubai

This is my friend Axel Meyerhofer, he's a German guy and I've done a lot of work with. The painting shows him in a hotel in Dubai. We traveled a lot together on different jobs, so I caught him in the hotel and we both really liked the picture, so I decided to turn it into a painting. 

In this composition, Axel is shown against the backdrop of a lavish Dubai hotel. The interplay of light and shadow accentuates his features, revealing the depth of our companionship forged through diverse ventures. 

Particular attention is drawn to the unique illumination fixtures that adorned the hotel's interior. These extraordinary lamps cast a warm glow that beautifully contrasts with the cool elegance of Axel's demeanor. The setting itself is a harmonious blend of aesthetics, with the hotel's decor exuding an air of sophistication and exotic allure. This painting is a testament to our friendship and collaboration, as well as a tribute to the beauty of both the human spirit and the enchanting surroundings.