Apex Tool Group Superheroes

This Superheroes poster was requested by Diane Viers, who was in my High School class and remembered that back in High school I had done a series of caricatures of all the people of my High School class. Back then, when I was 18 years old, I created a big poster depicting all my classmates and it's still talked about today. Every time we have a school reunion, we usually hang up a big poster of this pencil drawing. Besides, it was placed at the end of the pages in our yearbook. This poster became a cherished relic, evoking fond memories and joyous anecdotes. It was quite an ambitious endeavor to immortalize every member of their High School class because it was a big class — 74 people — and I depicted all of them with different things that illustrated their character. It took me 4 month to draw these pieces and put them together. Remembering about it, Diane Viers contacted me as she wanted the executives of her company to be depicted as superheroes in the same style. She decided to breath new life into this celebrated tradition. Diane wanted me to capture the essence of the executives of the small tool company Apex where she worked and depict them as superheroes. So I took Marvel Super Heroes and personified each person with aptly chosen superhero counterparts. I was just arbitrarily picking, No rhyme or reason guided my selection, allowing pure artistic inspiration to flow freely. The result: a stunning amalgamation of power and personality, with each executive transformed into a symbol of strength and virtue. I've depicted them in this cosmic universe. As the eyes wander across the poster, they meet the central figure – Brent Hurst, the unwavering leader depicted as Chronos, the master of time. Diane Viers, the woman who ordered this picture, was Sabra, another woman was Black Widow. You see a captivating constellation of iconic heroes like Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Captain America and many others, each infused with the unique essence of their real-life counterpart. This was a huge poster and they used it for an all-company meeting at Christmas time, so I made an individual sheet for each person that had a text that I wrote which was a tribute to them. The individual character sheet was given to each person – a touching gesture ensuring  that the spirit of unity and appreciation would remain forever etched in their hearts. This whole poster was put up in the conference room of Apex company, not just as a piece of decoration, but as a symbol of a united team, fueling collaboration and camaraderie among all who behold it and igniting admiration and pride among the employees.