David Bennert

This caricature was specially commissioned by a woman who wanted to make an original present for her husband for their 25th wedding anniversary. With careful attention to his interests and cherished memories, this artwork captures the essence of the various facets of the husband's life and passions. As an avid gourmet cook, he takes pride in preparing fine cuisine, so I depicted him in a chef's apron, with a cooking tool in his hand. This detail showcases his love for cooking and adds a playful touch to the caricature. Another important aspect of his life is fishing. To celebrate his love for angling, I added the stork with the fish. The couple has a wonderful summer home in Ashville, South Carolina, which holds a special place in their hearts. I added this roadsign pointing in the direction of this place to pay tribute to their cherished moments spent together in this idyllic setting.

Highlighting his fondness for running, I depicted the husband running with his energetic dogs. However, in this case, I've got the dogs running him rather than him running the dogs. The dogs' animated conversation adds a touch of humor and personality to the scene. The medals around the dogs' necks symbolize the husband's achievements in running competitions, reflecting his dedication and success over the years. This caricature captures the essence of the couple’s 25-year journey and serves as a meaningful anniversary gift, reminding them of the adventures and joys they have experienced together throughout their enduring marriage.