As I recount the story of Chloe, the memories of her beauty and radiance flood my mind. She was a young woman of only 22, with a bright future ahead of her, filled with promise and hope. The warmth of the South Carolina sun would dance on her skin as she spent her days with her beloved dog on the sandy shores of the beach.

But little did I know that this portrait, the one I was hired to create by Chloe's best friend, would be the last memory of her to be cherished by her grieving parents. Six short months after our brief meeting, Chloe took her own life, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions and heartache.

I poured every ounce of my artistic talent and soul into the portrait, aiming to capture Chloe's quiet elegance that shone through in every photo I had the privilege of working with. It was my way of preserving her beauty and essence for those who loved her.

And now, as I reflect on the life of this beautiful angel, I know that her friend, her parents, and I will always carry the weight of her loss with us. But through her portrait, she will live on forever, reminding us of the beauty and light that once graced this world.