Suzy and Mom

This painting shows a young girl Suzy on the day of her wedding with her mom, who had actually passed away a decade before the wedding took place. The painting is attempting to weave the threads of Suzy’s past into the canvas of her present. Suzy reached out to me, probably knowing that blending deseased people with their living close ones is kind of my unique specialty, and she asked me to craft a visual symphony that would unite the realms of memory and celebration.

In a collection of photographs, snapshots frozen in time, Suzy handed me fragments of her history. While the images lacked the polished clarity of professional shots, they held within them the raw authenticity of moments shared between a mother and her daughter. Armed with these visual fragments, I set forth on a mission to distill the essence of their connection into a single, evocative painting.

Suzy's mother, a spectral presence in photographs, became a vibrant character on the canvas, standing alongside her daughter on the day of her marriage. Through my artistic lens, I endeavored to breathe life into faded photographs, ensuring that the emotion, love, and shared history between mother and daughter transcended the limitations of time and space.

The resulting painting became a testament to the enduring power of love and the indomitable spirit of familial bonds. It was not merely a depiction; it was a visual ode to the profound connection that persisted beyond the earthly realm. Suzy's desire to include her mother in her wedding held a poignant significance.

As Suzy beheld the completed artwork, it was my earnest hope that the canvas served as a cherished portal—a timeless connection to the woman who, though physically absent, remained an integral part of Suzy's journey. In this artwork, I sought to capture not just their physical likenesses but the intangible thread of love and shared history that bound mother and daughter in an eternal embrace.

This painting stands as a celebration of love that transcends the boundaries of life and death. It is a reflection of the enduring bond between Suzy and her mother on the day she embarked on the next chapter of her life.